Diversity defines New Brunswick, NJ


When I think of New Brunswick, the first thing that comes to mind when asked to describe its soul is diversity.  This city is full of different people, places and things to do.  There are many international people, Rutgers University itself has thousands of international students, and the city is full of people from all over the world.  There are hundreds of restaurants downtown of any cuisine you can possibly think of.  Here is the interview of several members of the New Brunswick community and their views on the diversity of the city.


Businesses in New Brunswick affected by the economy


Businesses across the country have been affected by the economy and the recession of the past several years.  In New Brunswick, I interviewed 2 people who are very involved in their businesses, both located in downtown New Brunswick.  One is the manager of Panico’s fine dining restaurant, who says that the restaurant has been negatively affected by the economy and they have had to make some changes to get more customers coming in.  The other person is the owner of Amber Lion Antiques, who talks about how his business has been going through a very rough patch due to the recession.  See their interviews here.

Sammy’s Hope gives homeless animals a new life


Sammy’s Hope is a volunteer program based out of Edison Animal shelter.  Volunteers help out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  They work with the dogs at the shelter, about 18 at a time, to socialize them to be better prepared for adoption.  Volunteers can be any age and from anywhere, but there is a connection through Rutgers with the Student Volunteer council.  This is how I got involved, and I am so happy that I got the opportunity to do it.  Every animal at the shelter is special, and deserves to have a good home.  See the audio slideshow about Sammy’s Hope here.

Ashley relaxing at home


This is Ashley.  On a normal night, after she has done all of her homework of course, she enjoys sitting in the living room and reading a fashion magazine, preferably Cosmo.

Reformed Skinhead Removes his Tattoos of Hatred


 This video is a pretty amazing and inspiring story about a man who spent the majority of his life in the White Supremacy Group, promoting violence and hatred.  He finally realized that this was not the way he wanted to live his life, he had been subjected to enough pain and he didn’t want to put anyone through any more, so he changed his entire life around.  He went through at least 25 surgeries to remove the tattoos covering his face.  

     I think this video is a really great example of a multimedia reporting story.  It has all of the elements that we talk about in class.  We only hear the man’s voice, not the reporter’s, which makes his story more personal.  Also, the reporter combines photos and video to create a well-rounded story.  

Transportation at Rutgers has positives and negatives


This is an interview of Anna Drootin, a junior at Rutgers University.  She talks about the transportation system at Rutgers, and how she gets around from day to day.  There are positives and negatives to the bus system.  From hoards of people fighting to make it on a bus to hour long waits on the weekend are some negatives.  However, they do the job and are mostly reliable.  Listen to her interview here.

Interview about Alternative Break


Ashley Magno is a junior at Rutgers University who decided to spend her winter break last year helping those in need in Mississippi.  She went with a group of about 12 other Rutgers students.  During the day, she spent her time working in the schools with students, helping to teach and working with the kids.  When school was out, she would help rebuild and restore houses that were practically un-liveable, similar to what the members of Habitat-for-Humanity do.  Ashley says this experience changed her life, she felt like she really made a difference and she encourages everyone to participate in alternative break.  Hear her story here.